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University of Mississippi License Tag

Campaign in Georgia!


Please do not call or go to the tag office first – all orders still have to go through the Atlanta Ole Miss Club until we reach 1,000 plates.

Read ALL instructions below carefully for details on how to get your tag!!

How it works:

  1. Show your Rebel pride and be a part of something meaningful for Rebels in Georgia! Help us spread the word to all of your Georgia Rebel friends!
  2. You must be a Georgia resident to apply.
  3. You may register one or more vehicles for a tag.
    Please note: If you have a standard license plate and you choose to purchase the Ole Miss specialty license plate before your actual renewal due date for your tag registration, you will be required to turn in your current license plate in order to get your new tag.  This does not apply if you are purchasing your Ole Miss specialty plate at the time of your renewal.  In contrast, if your current tag is a type of specialty plate, for which you paid, the tag belongs to you and you are not required to relinquish your tag at all.
  4. Each tag requires a $25 one-time manufacturing fee per vehicle which will be paid to the Atlanta Ole Miss Alumni Association by clicking here OR by mailing a $25 check, along with this form ( click here ), to P.O. Box 12273, Atlanta, GA, 30355. This is an initial, one-time manufacturing fee per tag required by the state that every person must pay.  The Atlanta Ole Miss Club has pre-paid the required $25,000, and will be reimbursed up to the first 1,000 plates.  (Already paid during our previous campaign? Click Here )
  5. Once payment has been received, you will receive a confirmation email for your paid $25 one-time manufacturing fee per vehicle.
  6. You will then receive, within 48 hours, another email from  that will have attached two documents that you must print, fill out, and take with you to your tag office. One is your official credit receipt of payment for the $25 manufacturing fee and the other is a relinquishment letter from the AOMC to the State of Georgia.  You MUST have both of these with you in order to get your tag!  Please check your spam folder if you have not received an email after 48 hours.


  1. Each person will then take to their local tag office the following:
      1. Hard copy receipt of one-time manufacturing fee payment to the Atlanta Ole Miss Alumni Association  and  hard copy of relinquishment letter from the club to the state , both provided via email from
      1. $35 specialty tag fee (annual)
      1. $20 license registration fee   (annual)
      1. If your Ad Valorum taxes are due, you will pay this fee as well
      1. Your driver’s license or a GA ID card
      1. Proof of passing an emissions inspection, if applicable
      1. Proof of auto insurance, if applicable
  2. You will then receive a Temporary Operating Permit, and your tag will be mailed to you.  Your GA Ole Miss specialty license plate will be computer generated and consist of three random alpha characters and three random numeric characters. Please make sure your current address is updated at your County Tag Office!

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