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Each specialty plate requires a $25 one-time manufacturing fee per tag by the State of Georgia.  All specialty license plate sponsor organizations in Georgia must pay the initial $25,000 manufacturing before plates are issued.  We are very proud of our local Ole Miss alumni and sponsors, and the OMAA, who helped us pre-pay those funds to get our tags on the road.  Once 1,000 tags have been registered with the Atlanta Ole Miss Alumni Association to recover that pre-payment, the Ole Miss License Plate ordering process will completely turn over to the Georgia DMV.

I understand that this organization is not acting as an agent of the State.  Payment of the manufacturing fee to the organization does not constitute payment to the State.  Each purchase will receive one letter of credit receipt and one relinquishment letter per tag, via email from  Both documents are required to present to the tag office to show proof of payment of the $25 manufacturing fee.  Additional fees associated with the Ole Miss sponsor tags upon manufacturing include $55 plus ad valorem taxes.

Please note: Since we incur a service charge for receiving money through PayPal, we must add a 5% convenience fee to the $25 plate order to cover the cost.  The Atlanta Ole Miss Alumni Association does not make any money off the extra charge.  If you would like to mail in your payment, please return to the main license plate page for instructions.

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