About Us

About the Club

Like other club chapters, our aim is to provide a local connection, both socially and professionally, for Ole Miss alumni, family members, and friends, to the University and to each other.

The current Atlanta Ole Miss Club was found in the late ‘70s by a small group of Ole Miss alumni wanting to create that same connection, and since that time, the goals of our Club have pretty much remained the same.

  1. First, we strive to provide opportunities for social networking while making a valuable contribution to the well-being of our community. We enjoy each other’s friendship resulting from our common experience.
  2. We strive to promote the University as an excellent educational option for Georgia students and student-athletes. With a population of almost 10 million people, Georgia is one of the fastest growing states in the nation. This places extraordinary pressures on the the State’s most popular institutions to accommodate all of its applicants. Ole Miss Continues to grow in prestige as a viable option for some of the State’s brightest high school graduates, and currently, we are sending more students to Ole Miss than any other state outside Mississippi.
  3. Most recently, the club is attempting to extend its outreach to provide business and job opportunity networking among its members. Ole Miss graduates play prominent roles in many business, government, civic, and military professions around the State of Georgia. Recent graduates who live in Atlanta may find the club a great place to begin job networking.
  4. Finally, we strive to publicize the University and Mississippi’s rich history and southern hospitality. We support cultural, business, and economic development opportunities and interoperability between the states of Georgia and Mississippi.

Moreover, the Club pursues these goals through a variety of programs and activities it sponsors annually. The following is a list of several Club activities:

  1. Football and Sports Watch Parties – We continue to gather weekly during the Fall on Gameday and during other televised Ole Miss sporting events.  Currently, the club watch site is Taco Mac @ The Prado.
  2. Annual Meeting/Coaches Meeting (Spring) – This event typically features visits and guest speaker presentations by members of the athletic department and/or coaching staff in support of club activities and provides local Ole Miss alums, family members, friends, and fans, with the most current updates concerning our beloved Rebels sports teams. It also typically includes a raffle and silent auction which has traditionally been our main fundraiser for the scholarships our club supports.
  3. Chancellor’s Luncheon (Late Winter/March) – This event gives our members the opportunity to hear our Chancellor speak on the state of the University. Typically, it is held at the Cherokee Country Club and rotates every two years.
  4. Rebels After Work – We are thrilled to offer a new opportunity for Atlanta Rebels who are seeking to grow both professionally and socially with other Rebel professionals. Please join RAW on Facebook to keep updated on current events and news. You can also learn more by clicking on the Rebels After Work tab on the homepage.
  5. Mississippi in the Park Weekend (June) – Now in it’s 11th year, our club co-founded this annual Mississippi celebration at Chastain Park in Atlanta. The picnic theme and park setting mirrors past similar successful events in NYC, DC, and LA. The picnic is a reunion of sorts and celebrates all things Mississippi, including music, food, and representatives from most all of Mississippi’s universities and colleges. The weekend is hosted by the Mississippi Society of Georgia. While it once held a golf tournament on Friday, it now begins with a Mississippi at the Braves game on Friday night and concludes with the picnic on Saturday in Chastain Park. To learn more about this wonderful weekend or how you can get involved, please visit www.mssocietyofga.org.