License Plate FAQ

University of Mississippi License Tag

Campaign in Georgia!  




What is this $25 for?

It is an initial plate manufacturing fee.  Every person is required by the state to pay the manufacturing fee when they first order a specialty plate. Thanks to the generous help of some individual donors and the OMAA, we were able to complete our goal and pre-pay the state required $25,000 to begin issuing plates.  We now have been issued the first 1,000 manufacturing receipts and all initial manufacturing fees and plate applications will go through the Atlanta Ole Miss Club until those 1,000 receipts have been exhausted. Once that is reached, the State of GA Department of Revenue and MVD will take over the process completely.


Do I have to live in Georgia to get one of these plates?

Yes. You must be registered in GA and have insurance on the vehicle.


If I’ve paid in the prior campaign do I have to pay an additional fee to get my plate?

Yes, as stated above, you will still need to pay the license registration fee ($20), taxes if due, and a specialty tag fee of $35. Your annual renewal fees will consist of those three as well. The initial $25 is a one-time fee only.


If I have already renewed for the year, do I have to wait or can I get my Ole Miss plate now? What fees will I have to pay?

YES, you can get your plate now! You will just need to pay the $25 initial, one-time manufacturing fee (if you haven’t already) AND the $35 specialty tag fee. You may possibly also incur a small administrative fee, but will not have to re-pay the $20 renewal fee. Please note: If you already have a specialty tag, you will still have to pay both the $25 manufacturing fee and $35 specialty tag fee for the new Ole Miss plate.


Can you get a handicapped Ole Miss plate?

At this point, the DOR is not able to provide that option, but they are looking into how to make that option available.


Are vanity plates available?

In the state of Georgia, specialty license plates for organizations, including universities, are computer-generated and consist of three random alpha characters and three random numeric characters. The state of Georgia does not allow for personalization of specialty license plates.